Best Ways to Check the Internet Speed

The Internet is the most important and usable in daily life. But have you ever experience the slow internet speed at some time. It takes too much time to load a web-page and spend hours to download something using that internet at slow speed. It is very irritating to use the internet in slow speed and when you paid for high speed internet it becomes worse.

Nevertheless, there are so many factors which can affect the loading speed of the web-page and opening the email. It can be a problem of your browser or your computer and sometimes it can be a problem with the website.

It is not possible that always the same problem causes slow down the internet. It may be the problem of your internet provider, maybe the internet it down form you internet provider side. Sometimes your computer or browser are causing the internet to slow down but sometimes it is the problem of internet provider but the question is how you can mark what is the issue.

You can do one thing, check the internet speed at different websites and different apps and compare the internet speed and mapped with speed promised by your internet provider.

Right Internet Speed for You

  • 1-3 MBps: If you just surf the web, use email and social media the internet speed 1-3 MBps is enough but the speed is not ideal for you if you want to stream video.
  • 3-4 MBps: If you need internet for basic usages and want to stream video in standard quality 3-4 MBps internet speed can be okay for sometimes but if you stream video in high quality it can be lead to delay in playing video. It can be ideal for one computer.
  • 5-10 MBps: If you love to watch the video in high quality 5-10 MBps internet speed can be ideal for one computer. By using the internet at this internet speed all the high-quality content can be used.
  • 10-20 MBps: If you use the internet for downloading the file and videos you can buy the internet at this speed it can be good enough for a better experience the internet and enjoy high quality content over the internet.
  • 20 MBps and above: If you want to use the internet for multiple devices and with all the family member you should buy the internet speed at 20MBps or above to experience the service at high quality and enjoy all the high quality content without delay.

Ways to Check the Internet Speed

Now, all set and your connection are active and you are close enough to browse the internet at the promised speed. So the time to check your internet speed. Here is the most popular ways you can check the internet speed.

Ookla Internet Speedtest

Ookla is one of the most famous internet speed test service, you can download the mobile app or use their website to check the speed of the internet.

Before you check the internet speed at Ookla Speedtest you need to know some of the terms used to represent the internet speed.

  • Ping: It is used to measure the speed of the response from the server. When the ping is fast then it means the internet speed is good.
  • Download Speed: It represents the speed at the file and video will download which is in given in bits per seconds.
  • Upload Speed: Here this represents the speed at the file and videos, images can be uploaded. The speed is given in bits per seconds.

Now you got the speed of the internet you are using. You can compare these result with internet provider promised speed. Before making any decision you need to run the test more than one time at different day and time to get some good result. Also, you can check the speed with another internet user within the same network. Internet Speed Checker

You can use this tool to check your internet speed. This is the tool provided by the video streaming service provider Netflix. By using tool users can check the internet speed at any given point of the time throughout the day.

Tips to Check Accurate Internet Speed

It is important you check the internet speed in the right way to get the accurate internet speed. Some of the most important tips are below.

  • Always try to use a wired connection to check the internet speed to get accurate speed
  • Do not forget to test several times to get the idea about the speed
  • You need to check your hardware before you check the internet speed
  • Check your network bandwidth
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