ExpressVPN APK v7.4.1 For Android Download Now 2019


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. ExpressVPN APK is a private network like many others that offer safe and secure web browsing. It keeps your record and history confidential and keeps everything safe from the trackers. Making your web activities secure is a primary thing to do in this modern technological era. VPNs are the networks for your devices that allow secure communication.


There are many good private networks for Android. ExpressVPN is the one, and there are few things that make it better than the others. It is safe as it is supposed to be but is also very easy to use. You can secure the web activities just by a tap. But the most important factor is that its speedy. This is undoubtedly one of the fastest VPNs in the market right now. You need to pay the premium amount to get the most out of it. There are more than 145 connections in over 90 countries. You can choose any location any time you want because there is not any limit on changing a server. To access the services and tools just go to settings.

express vpn apk


As mentioned above ExpressVPN APK is speedy. Yes, it really is. The average speed offered is around 83Mbps / 100Mbps. This is really a good speed if compared with the other apps of this category. There are really very few VPNs that offer this good speed. So, if speed is your main concern, than this is probably the best Virtual Private Network for you.



You will never want you’re activities to be tracked, right? And, this is the era of Android and everyone is using their phone for Internet.

So everyone is very careful about his privacy and security. No one wants other people to know about the activities he is performing on the phone. So this is where a VPN come into use. And ExpressVPN will help you out in this situation with all what you need. The major benefit of this one over the others is the speed which has already been discussed. When you start this app, you will be asked to connect to a location. You can select any location you want to. There are many different servers in different countries.

Here are the key features of this app:

  • Good average speed around 83 out of 100 Mbps
  • Supports Netflix
  • Supports torrent downloading
  • Good customer ratings
  • Customer service support is available all the time
  • UDP and TCP implemented
  • No activity logs
  • No connection logs
  • Good privacy and web security

These are the salient features of this VPN. If you like it, download it now and start using a trial version. There are a free trial for first few days. But after that, you have to pay for it. The cost is not much. It is about $6 to $7 per month which is very reasonable. The cost is good as compared to the features offered and the performance of the VPN. So, download it now and make your web activities private and safe. Its top screen vpn for android mobile device.  You can download update from google play store as well or install the latest beta version from below.


File Details:

Name: ExpressVPN 1 Trusted VPN

Size:  22.7 mb

Android: 5.0+

Version: 7.4.1

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