How to Block/Allow Notification on Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Android

Have you ever noticed that just when you unlock your phone, you come across a notification by Google Chrome which does not interest you? The same problem is faced with Windows and Mac versions of Google Chrome. As soon as one starts browsing a website, a notification appears in lower right corner of the browser. One may find this notification to be futile at times.

This article is about ways in which one can allow or block notifications on Google Chrome while using Android, Windows or Mac. Let us first start with Android devices:

Ways to turn off Google Chrome notifications over Android Devices:

If you have ever come to realize that your phone displays notifications other than the ones that interest you, there are ways to manage the notifications.

  • Over your Android device, open Google Chrome.
  • Tap on 3 dots to open settings from the list.
  • Next, tap on Site Settings -> Notifications.
  • Set the option for on or off as per your requirements.
  • In the event that you want to block only the notifications from certain websites, open a website in the address bar.
  • Tap on 3 dots and then info.
  • Tap on site settings -> notifications.
  • If there is an option for send notification, tap on block to turn off notifications from the particular website.

Ways to turn off notification on Windows:

Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser over Windows. Over 70% of windows users have Google chrome as their preferred browser.

This makes it easier to optimize the user experience over the browser, and one must know how to turn off notifications if they do not interest him.

Let us take a look at a step by step procedure for turning notifications off over Google Chrome:

  • Open a Google Chrome window over Windows.
  • Click on the three dots towards upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings
  • Go to Content Settings -> Notifications. This would be under the tab ‘Privacy and Security
  • Content settings’ may be listed as ‘Site Settings
  • In the notifications section, click on the off button. This would turn off notifications
  • Next, click on the done button.

You can also add sites from which you want to see the notifications or from which you want to block the notifications at the Notifications tab. Open the websites in a new browser and add their urls to the desired categories. Then click on done.

Let us now consider a way to block notification over Mac OS X:

Google Chrome shows pop up notifications over Mac OS in the same way as it does over a Windows OS. The following steps may be used to block or allow them.

  1. Go to the System menu bar
  2. Click on the bell icon
  3. Click on the gear icon
  4. If you do not want notification from any apps or extensions, uncheck them.

In the event that one wants to disable all notifications from Google Chrome, this too can be accomplished with ease.

In case you want a temporary break from notifications:

  1. Right click on the chrome notifications icon which is bell shaped.
  2. Click over ‘Do not disturb’. This will turn off all the notifications. In case you want the notifications to appear, do not click on this. Upon clicking on this, it can always be unchecked later.
  3. One also has a choice at clicking ‘Do not disturb for one hour’ or ‘Do not disturb for one day’. This gives a short break from notifications.

These steps can be used to easily mange notifications over your PC or smart device.

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