How to Run and Setup KALI NETHUNTER in Android Termux

What Will I Learn?

  • Setup Kali NetHunter in Termux


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  • Intermediate


1: Open Termux and type commandpkg update && pkg install git && pkg install python && pkg install python2 and press Enter. This command install all requirements for KALI NETHUNTER.
2: Now type command git clone and press Enter.
git clone.png
  • Now type the command cd Nethunter-In-Termux and press Enter.
3: Type command chmod +x kalinethunter and press Enter.
  • Now type command ./kalinethunter and press Enter.
4: Now select your Architecture if you didn’t know your phone Architecture then type 4 and press Enter. Then type your number according to your Architecture and press Enter.
  • In my case, my architecture is 3
  • Wait until it fully downloads it’s a 133MB package. To avoid Errors you must have a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • During its completion at the end, it may show like this wait until the $ sign appears.
5: After completed. Type command./ and Press Enter.
  • You will get the KALI NETHUNTER Root directory.
6: How to setup?
  • Type command apt-get update
  • Type command apt-get upgrade
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