Poster for the movie "The Scorpion King: Book of Souls"

The Scorpion King: Book of Souls

The Scorpion King teams up with a female warrior named Tala, who is the sister of The Nubian King. Together they search for a legendary relic known as The Book of Souls, which will allow them to put a...Read More

Poster for the movie "Nobody's Fool"

Nobody’s Fool

A woman who gets released from prison and reunites with her sister, who discovers she is in an online relationship with a man that may be "catfishing" her.

Poster for the movie ""

Speed Kills

Speedboat racing champion and multimillionaire, Ben Aronoff (Don Aronow), leads a double life that lands him in trouble with the law and drug lords.

Poster for the movie "Glass"


In a series of escalating encounters, security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities. Meanwhile, the shadowy ...Read More

Poster for the movie "Close"


A counter-terrorism expert takes a job protecting a young heiress. After an attempted kidnapping puts both of their lives in danger, they must flee.

Poster for the movie ""

The Poison Rose

A down-on-his-luck PI is hired by his old flame to investigate a murder. But while the case at first appears routine, it slowly reveals itself to be a complex interwoven web of crimes, suspects and de...Read More

Identity Theft Protection – 28 Ways They Can Get Hold of Your Information

The absolute best protection against identity theft is to know when you are putting your identity at risk. After all it it is not only your identity that you are risking. Maybe you, or even your frien...Read More

Avoid the Cryptolocker Ransomware!

In our society today we should always be asking ourselves…. How do I get rid of malware? For right now, your question might be… What can I do to help stop Cryptolocker? These are both excellent q...Read More

How To Stop Receiving Emails In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the program that works as a personal information management tool and comes as part of the Office applications suite. In addition of regular e-mail client options such as sending, ...Read More

Covenant Eyes Review – Best Accountability Software?

So you’re thinking that not everything you can see or find online is suitable for your children (or even yourself)? Well, you’re right. Thoughts like how to block certain websites (if you know them) o...Read More