Tool-X is a program installer for Kali Linux tools. Tool-X was developed for Termux and other android terminals. Using Tool-X, you can install almost 263 hacking tools in Termux and other Linux based distributions. Now Tool-X is available for Ubuntu, Debian etc.

   Operating System Requirements   

Tool-X works on any of the following operating systems:
• Android (Using the Termux App) 
• Linux (Debian Based Systems) 

   How to Install   

Open the terminal and type following commands.

  • apt update
  • apt install git
  • git clone
  • cd Tool-X
  • chmod +x install.aex
  • sh install.aex if not work than use ./install.aex

   How to Use   

Enter a Number for a specific output:

  • (0) : To install all tools.
  • (1) : To show all available tools and type the number of a tool which you want to install.
  • (2) : To show tools category.
  • (3) : For the install of the operating system in Termux
  • (4) : If you want to update Tool-X.
  • (5) : If you want to know About Us.
  • (x) : To exit the tool.

Now Tool-X is installed successfully. To run Tool-X Type Tool-X in your terminal.
Type Tool-X from anywhere in your terminal to open Tool-X.


I am NOT expert, so use this tool at your own risk!

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